written by Wanda

Sexy Katrina Bowden With Spring Breakers In Panama

I love every little thing about Katrina Bowden. My biggest complaint about “30 Rock” is that they don’t feature Katrina nearly often enough. “Tucker and Dale vs Evil”? Freaking brilliant. Sure Alan Tudyk really stole the show but he steals the show in everything he plays a role in – “Suburgatory” is another great example of that. I love that guy. Um… sorry. Got lost there for a minute. What were we talking about? Right. Katrina Bowden. She’s awesome. Stunning, funny and a pretty darn talented actress. Here with Spring Breakers in Panama, Katrina looks beautiful as always and looks like she’s having a great time. I look forward to seeing more of Katrina over the coming year as she has roles in three projects coming to the big screen.


  • That’s the thing..she competes in contsets. When in contest shape, most female physique athletes who compete diet down for their contest so the muscles show better. Otherwise, if not competing, most have the everyday non-rippling (off-season) look.Unfortunately, the main-stream media hardly ever (if at all) shows these ladies in their everyday non-rippling (off-season) look. If they did, you and most others out their probably wouldn’t get scared.

  • These girls all look great. Looks like they are having a lot of fun here. I do not watch 30Rock but maybe I should. Seems like it could be an interesting show. Anyway she looks awesome here and has put some time and effort into her body.

  • thats my kinda spring break…im about to break my cock im jerking so hard….