written by Wanda

Sexy Kelly Brook Looking Happy And Healthy At The Beach

I love me some Kelly Brook. This woman is so beautiful and so radiant, it’s hard to believe she’s been through the horrible things she’s been through. I guess that’s what I respect about her the most – her ability to move on and find happiness in the face of tragedy. Here in Brazil, Kelly is the picture of health and happiness as she frolics on the beach looking like she’s having the time of her life. I love her body. She has such a womanly figure – curvy and sexy. I’d also like to take a moment to mention how very much I love her bikini. I don’t think I’d ever have the confidence to wear it but Kelly definitely pulls it off.


  • Kelly has an incredible body. She adds to the whole range of shapes and sizes women come in. Her hair looks lighter though – she looks like she dyed it, I think. I like her bikini, the material is interesting – it looks knitted.

  • Kelly Brook has a beautiful curvy body and is very pretty. I remember when I first saw her years ago on The Big Breakfast. I thought she had a lovely smile. That’s what I remember, she was always smiling. Lovely lady.

  • id love to f*ck her ass and cum inside it

  • she is super sexy OMG

  • wow thx bro

  • Kelly Brook is amazing. I love her style. She has such unbelievable confidence that it is a huge motivator for me. I have lots of curves and do not see myself how I should. But I have seen some other pics of Kelly and she is curvy and amazing.