written by Wanda

Sexy Kelly Brook Works Out

I like Kelly Brook. It seems as if every time we see her she’s in her workout gear doing something athletic. Sure that’s sort of her job as the female face of Reebok, but it’s pretty obvious when you look at her body that she spends a decent amount of time working out. She admits that she works for her body which is a refreshing change from the stick thin models who insist they’re just naturally slim. I also like that Kelly is fit without looking masculine. There is a fine line there and Kelly stays on the right side of it. She looks sexy, shapely and toned without looking too muscular. Love this girl.


  • sad to say i think shes getting past it now. Saw some recent pics and shes getting pretty saggy

  • she really looks great but it’s healthy to exercise or do some jogging along the beach… this will keep her young and sparkling :P

  • bob – the reason for her looking that way recently is because she’s 3 months preggers, as she announced the other day. Sadly that means we are unlikely to see Kelly looking how she is in these pics for quite some time! :(

  • she always looks incredible no matter what if I had a women who looked half as good as her I am happy enough lets be fair she is a total babe so pretty not to mention her body is incredible, she is so busty and her legs are great, her whole body is perfection

  • kelly brook is such a fox, so sexy