written by Wanda

Sexy Kendra Wilkinson In A Bikini

Here’s what I love about these pictures – Kendra Wilkinson looks so happy when she’s with her family. Of course Kendra looks fabulous in a bikini and the first picture of her (smiling at the camera with her head tilted to the side just a little bit) is probably one of my favorite Kendra pictures of all time, but it’s really the pictures of her with her family that really stand out to me. That could be because her husband, Hank Baskett, is also exceptionally attractive but I would have to say it’s more likely that it’s just because they look like such a happy family. It seems like a genuine kind of happy. That’s not something you always see when a celebrity is out and about with their family. I’m not Kendra’s biggest fan since her run on “Dancing with the Stars” but she is clearly a beautiful woman who loves her family and I give her serious credit for her realness.


  • Are these pictures of them chilling on the beach and the paps just happen to be around (as is sometimes the case)? Or is it a photo shoot? The reason I ask is because they look like they’re posing for the camera in some of the photos.

    • I think it may be for a photo shoot or some type of promotional material for her reality show. I’m not entirely sure. It could just be that the paps showed up and they did a few poses. I know some celebs find it easier to pose for a few shots than deal with the paps trying to get decent pictures. I think the theory is that if you cooperate they’ll go away sooner.

  • I’ve got to give it to them, they do look happy, photo shoot or not. If it’s not a photo shoot and they were co-operating with the paps, I hope the paps got the message and left them alone after that. Their private time should be their private to me, particularly if they’ve given the paps what they want.

  • Aww, their son is absolutely adorable. What a cutie! Do you know how old he is, Wanda? Looks about three to me. Aww. (and no I’m not getting broody. I love kids, but that’s as far as it goes, thank you very much).

  • Don’t lie, Mel. Like if George Clooney stepped to you, wooed the hell out of you and said he wanted to have a little bubba with you, you’d say “no, George, I’m washing my hair tonight”. Don’t even lie, woman. :-)

  • Weeeeell, if you put it that way, and he threw in a lifetime’s supply of Belgian chocolate, I might reconsider. ‘Might’ being the operative word here. He’d have to give me the first bath-sized installment of choccies first to help me think it over. Hehe! :-)

  • You don’t ask for much, do ya?!!!

    Their son does look real cute. And I checked: he’s two years old and his name is Hank. Aww. (bloody hell, he weighed over 9lbs when he was born too.) What an adorable lil fella.