written by Wanda

Sexy Kristin Cavallari At The Rolling Stone Lounge

I’ve talked a lot about my new found affection for Kristin Cavallari and pictures like these ones taken at The Rolling Stone Lounge in Hollywood, only make that affection grow. I’d always imagined her as a stuck up, prissy sort of girl but looking at her in these pictures, she seems like any normal girl hanging out with a friend. Sure she happens to be dressed up in her finest party gear and sure she happens to be hanging out at a major Hollywood event but that laid back sort of attitude still shines through. I’m sad we didn’t get to see her on “Dancing with the Stars” longer this season but pictures like these ones help ease the pain.

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  • I think she has gorgeous brown eyes and she doesn’t look like she has got a lot of makeup on. You can actually see her face.

    I’m afraid I have never heard of her before though. What does she do?