written by Wanda

Sexy Kylie Minogue Photo Shoot.

I’m a Kylie Minogue fan from way back so I always get a little excited when new photos of her show up on my assignment list. This set most definitely did not disappoint. I love the variety in these photos and I love the way that Kylie looks at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, even when she’s posing. That comfortable feel isn’t always easy for a woman to pull off in a studio photo session because there’s really nothing comfortable or natural about the setting. Kylie doesn’t seem to have a problem making it work though. I feel like I should pick a favorite photo but as I look over them, they all jump out at me for different reasons. Some are fun and flirty while others are sexy and sultry. This shoot offers something for everyone and I think I appreciate that post. Great photos of a beautiful woman.


  • stunning women of 44 , she just gets sexier and sexier, gorgeous, great body, those legs are so good

  • Stunning sexy Kylie. Total hotness if you ask my opinion. She is gorgeous. Not too sure about her hair in the first photo but her body makes up for it that is for sure. I have always loved the Minogue gals.

  • yes, she is a milf, great face and body period, her and danni are both super hot

  • Wow she is sure hot. I have always been a fan of hers. And I do not think of her as a Milf. She is sexy that is for sure. I agree with Ralph that her and her sister are babes. Thanks for the great photos, I am drooling.