written by Wanda

Sexy Lacey Schwimmer Poses For Lady Foot Locker

I am an enormous Lacey Schwimmer fan so I have to admit to being pretty disappointed she’s absent from this season of “Dancing with the Stars”. I like this season’s female pro dancers and all but I’m really going to miss Lacey. As she shows in these pics from the Lady Foot Locker Sweepstakes Dance Class, Lacey is in fantastic shape and isn’t shy about showing that off. No wonder. A lot of effort must go in to staying so in shape. Although she’s gorgeous and talented, it’s really Lacey’s personality that drags me in. She seems to be such a great teacher. Perhaps she’ll be back next season. For now, at least Kym Johnson and Chelsie Hightower will be hitting the dance floor.


  • I’m trying to understand what it is that she’s selling: the shoes?, the sports bottoms, the bra top, or all three? If she’s selling footwear, then the main picture in particular irks me a bit. It’s not particularly saying “look at my shoes”. It’s saying “look at my body”.

  • I believe it’s the whole workout outfit – the shoes, sports bra and pants. I do agree that the first photo is very “look at my body” but that’s not really much of a problem for me personally. Lacey is a professional dancer and she clearly works hard at staying in shape. If she wants to show that off, then all the more power to her. I do see your point though. Perhaps I’m just desensitized to it all. Look at the Candies ads that are supposed to be for shoes but the shoes are about the last thing you’re looking at. Even better, the Sobe juice ads which feature women wearing nothing but body paint. Sure “sex sells” has become a cliche at this point but it’s a valid one.

  • I love her outfit!

  • I hear what you’re saying, Wanda. I agree, she does have a nice body. A great body. And I have no problem with her celebrating that and showing it off. However, the product is what’s being sold and I think there needs to be a balance between the person selling it and the showing of the actual product. I don’t really see it here.

    Sex sells for some people. It has the opposite effect on me though. It doesn’t make me want to buy the product.