written by Wanda

Sexy Laura Whitmore At The 2012 BRIT Awards

Beautiful Irish television host, Laura Whitmore was a vision at The BRIT Awards 2012, hitting the red carpet in a sexy but still classy brown dress that perfectly complimented her figure. Laura is mostly known for her appearances on MTV Europe but expect her star to rise even higher as she takes over as co-host of the “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Outta Here! Now!” I’m glad to see her getting more and more successful. I like these pictures because they show this woman knows how to dress appropriately for an event. She looks fantastic but she isn’t just flashing a lot of skin to be appealing. She isn’t trying to be the most talked about celebrity on the red carpet. That really appears to me.


  • That’s an interesting shade of brown she has on. It’s almost metallic. And the shoes….I love the shoes! And all she added to it was a simple gold bangle which looks good too. She looks lovely. Beautiful looking young lady.

  • Oooh, looking good mama! What I really like is the simplicity of the whole look. A nice simple dress (but really well designed), a killer set of heels, not that much makeup, a simple hairstyle, nails done, a little bit of accessory and she’s good to go. She comes across as really confident too.

  • She’s so f…… Sexy I would just love to pound her pussy and her to give me head and she has a sexy body to and nice breasts

    • Your right Jo, i don`t know a man on planet earth who in all truth would say they wouldn`t faced with the chance she is gergous and she knows it too ! fare play to her and i hope she shows us EVERY THING one day we hope !

  • she is a good looking lady, nice figure too, those legs