written by Wanda

Sexy Malin Akerman Hits Miami Beach

The last time I wrote about Malin Akerman I wrote about the fact that she replaced Lindsay Lohan in the Linda Lovelace biopic ‘Inferno’. I haven’t heard much about that project in a little while, but I’m really looking forward to it; especially after seeing these pictures of Malin on Miami Beach. This girl is sexy, but she’s not sexy in the big breasted blond bimbo sort of way. She has a real retro kind of beauty and I definitely appreciate that. It isn’t always easy to stand out in Hollywood, but Malin seems to have figured out how to do just that. I love her. Can’t wait for ‘Inferno’.


  • Perfect voyeur pic. I’d like to see more of her.

  • I agree, paparazzi did a great job ;)

  • thx for sexy malin bro

  • she’s ok. she doesn’t really stand out and i uuaslly find brunettes more attractive. i like that she’s fair-skinned; i have very light skin and i always feel a little self-conscious b/c i don’t tan easily makes me feel better to see someone with a similar skin-tone who is considered beautiful even though she isn’t tan.

  • gorgeous the top picture is the best, that ass cap is perfect