written by Wanda

Sexy Mena Suvari Shows Off Her Body

Mena Suvari has been one of my favorites since staring as the teenage temptress in ‘American Beauty’. She’s not only beautiful but she’s also an incredibly talented and severely underrated actress. Her stint on ‘American Horror Story’ as the Black Dahlia? Far, far too short but so awesome. I love everything about Mena. I also like the fact that, although skinny, she doesn’t look unhealthy. She looks like a girl that works out but doesn’t starve herself and that’s always nice to see in the entertainment industry. To be honest, there’s very little about this girl I don’t like, if there’s anything at all. Although it’s been said that next season ‘American Horror Story’ will have a whole new cast, it’s also been said that some people will be returning in new roles. Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Mena Suvari are at the top of my wish list. Hope my wish comes true!



  • First place I saw Mena was in American Beauty. I thought she was excellent in it. It’s good to see that she’s gone from strength to strength.

    And, yes, I agree with you, she looks healthy, like she likes her food, but likes her exercise too.

  • Wow, I didn’t realize Mena was that meaty under all of that! I thought she was slimmer. I’m definitely not judging. Far from it. I like how she looks. A lot. It’s just thought I was surprised – not what I was expecting.

  • It could be she has a new movie role coming up that she needs to bulk up for. Maybe. Or maybe that’s just how she is.

    I heard she recently split up from her second husband which is a shame.

  • Yeah, I never thought about that. Maybe it IS for a movie role. I hope she stays like that though. I prefer her with more meat on her bones.

    She’s split up with her hubby? I didn’t even know she was divorced from the first one. That’s how clued up I am!

  • It’s been over between her and her first husband for quite a while now. She’d been married to this second guy for about two years or so (I think), then it went belly up. Maybe that’s why she’s bulked up, exercising a lot to take her mind off it.

  • Well it’s better for her to exercise than all of the negative ways she could have chosen. There are a whole lot of splits going on lately: Katy Perry, Heidi Klum, Mena. Even Aretha Franklin’s recently called off her engagement.

  • Regardless of her size – slim, meaty or otherwise – I think she looks very confident and comfortable with it. Confidence and self acceptance is key. It’s a pity her second marriage has ended, but maybe they weren’t made for each other in the first place. It means she’s that much closer to finding the one.

  • Maybe they WERE made for each other, Aldikoo, but just for that period. I believe there’s always a reason why two people meet – it’s destined – there’s a lesson to be learnt from the meeting, and then they either stay together or move on to meet other people where they learn further.

  • You could be right, Jeremy. Your explanation does make some sense, I guess. If that’s the case, well let’s hope she’s learnt whatever the lesson is and that the next person she meets becomes her life partner. Good luck to her.

  • Too flat…..

  • I’d hit it.

  • Great ass, looks and brains enough to try new parts to not get type-casted.

  • oh my good mena number one !!! super hot ass !! incredible thx bro