written by Wanda

Sexy Michelle Rodriguez In Spain

I love Michelle Rodriguez. I love her more than I could possibly put into words with the space I’m allowed. She’s sexy. She’s confident. She’s gutsy. She proves that girls can be sexy without being bimbos or airheads. Sure she’s got her problems, but who among us doesn’t. I love that she really breaks the mold and shows the world the sexy side of tough women. Here in Spain, Michelle is her usual gorgeous self, laughing and having a good time with her friends. If I could hang out with any woman in Hollywood for one night, it would, without even a moment’s hesitation be M-rod. The woman is on fire.


  • i never found her hot… just an average hollywood star wannabe

  • I’m with you, blogger. I think Michelle Rodriguez is very hot. She exudes it. She’s confident, tough, tends to play tough roles and doesn’t fit the bimbo’zoid mold. Plus she has a nice strong body. I like her. I find her inspiring.

  • She Always,Has Been Sexy,and Very Hot

  • She is just so darn pretty. She plays a lot of tough roles but she is just pure sexy. I love her. I was a fan from when she did Lost. That really turned me into a fan of Michelle. And she rocked it in Avatar.

  • shes not that hot but not ugly, average like most people.

    Most on this site are overrated