written by Wanda

Sexy Model Anja Rubik Appears On Top Model

Sexy Polish model Anja Rubik took a little time out from her busy schedule of doing hot girl things to appear on Top Model in Warsaw recently and she looked absolutely gorgeous. I’m not entirely sure what she’s doing in that first picture, perhaps she was caught mid hair flip, she she looks pretty good doing whatever it was. I wasn’t sure about the dress at first glance. I’m not a big fan of busy patterns but the more I look at it, the more I like it. I’m thinking that has more to do with the babe in the dress than the dress itself but I guess that’s how fashion works. The cute of the dress really compliments her figure and I especially like the fact that it shows off those toned and shapely legs of hers. I’d never wear it but that has little to do with the actual dress and more to do with the fact that I’d never wear something that’s been on a woman like Anja. It would be crushing for my self esteem and I like to try to protect that as much as possible.

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  • She’s beautiful but looks rather skinny to me. Her legs and thighs look really thin. I think she could do with putting on a couple of pounds wouldn’t hurt, if not around half a stone (7lbs).

    It’s an interesting looking dress she has on. Has an Aztec feel to it, don’t you think?