written by Wanda

Sexy Model Elle Macpherson In A White Bikini

I’m not a big fan of what Christmas has become. It’s all about what gifts you get and give now when it should be about family or food or something. My disdain for the holiday likely stems from the fact that, as a freelance writer, I’m perpetually broke. Anyway, this year, Elle Macpherson gave a gift I can really get behind – sexy snaps of her in a bikini on a beach in Australia. Since I love making lists, here’s a list of why I love these pictures so much:

1. They were taken in Australia and I kinda have a thing for Australia.
2. They star Elle Macpherson and I kinda have a thing for Elle Macpherson.
3. They show Elle sharing a day on the beach with her family and I like seeing people spend Christmas with their families.
4. Elle is in a bikini and she’s smoking hot.
5. I don’t need a five.

I freely admit to being a complete Scrooge but consider these pictures my ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. They really put me in the holiday spirit. Too bad Christmas is over until next year. Ah well. There’s always New Year’s Eve.


  • I envy Elle in those pictures, not for her figure (which is cool), but because she’s spending Xmas in a hot country. Over here where I am, it’s cold, wet and windy as hell. I’d swap my winter coat, socks, gloves and layers of clothing for where she is any day. :-)

    • Agreed, Tanya! I’m also in a colder climate and we got buckets of rain on Christmas. I write most of the posts on here wearing what I like to call my blanket suit with a heavy blanket wrapped around my shoulders – nice cup of hot coffee within arms reach at all times.

  • I do that too, Wanda, when I’m in front of my computer! A nice hot cup of coffee or herbal tea, a blankie tied round my shoulders and a quilt round my lap. :-) It’s like my own personal ritual. Makes the world of difference. Comforting. // Still wouldn’t mind swapping geographical location with Elle though :-)