written by Wanda

Sexy New Bikini Photos Of Sexy Jennifer Nicole Lee

It isn’t hard to tell just by looking at Jennifer Nicole Lee that she knows a thing or two about fitness. Her body is absolutely incredible. It isn’t that she’s stick thin like many of the celebrities we see in beach bikini shots because she isn’t. It’s because she clearly works very hard to keep her body in shape. I respect a woman who chooses to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine a lot more than someone who starves themselves to look better in a bikini. The health and fitness guru was photographed in Miami as she was sunbathing by the pool. She was in Miami to talk with magazine editors about her skincare secrets. I usually don’t think of sunbathing and skincare as going hand in hand but what do I know. Jennifer is clearly the expert.


  • She undoubtedly has a beautiful body, but I tend to pick up on things away from the obvious: her tattoos! I love them. I can see there’s one of a butterfly on her back. I think it’s beautiful. I wonder what it means for her.

  • She’s a very fit-looking woman, attractive-looking. You can definitely tell she takes exercise very seriously. Haley, yes, her tattoos are rather nice. Subtle.

    Wanda, I guess there is a connection between skincare and sunbathing. I mean, you have to take care of it in all weathers, including when sunbathing.

  • Very hot lady. Chunky too. Curvy. Not sure about her bikini top though. It looks a bit too small for her breast size. Or was that intentional? Maybe to her, it not being a good fit IS a good fit. Anyway, each one to her own.

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