written by Wanda

Sexy New Blake Lively Photo Shoot

First things first, I’m a girl so I have to get this out of the way. I absolutely love the clothes Blake Lively is wearing in this photo shoot. That first dress type thing? Gorgeous. I’d actually wear that although to be fair, I’d be wearing it with skinny jeans or something like that. Blake is a gorgeous young woman who has a bright career ahead of her if she continues to make smart career choices. I have to admit however, that I’m just a little bit jealous of her love life. Leonardo DiCaprio and then Ryan Reynolds? Not too bad, Blake. Not too bad at all!


  • This isn’t a new photoshoot. But I agree, it’s hot.

  • I didn’t know about Blake Lively ’til that whole Leonardo Di Caprio thing kicked off. She’s obviously a beautiful woman, and she looks nice in these pictures, but I’d rather get to know what she’s like as an actress, what her talents are.

  • The longer I look at Blake the more beautiful she gets.