written by Wanda

Sexy New Carrie Keagan Photo Shoot

If I guy has his finger in a lot of different pies (professionally speaking, people – minds out of the gutter), one would call him a Jack of all Trades? What is the female equivalent of that? Whatever it is, it applies to Carrie Keagan. This is a woman that does it all. She’s a writer, producer, actress and popular television personality but is probably most well known for her show “Up Close with Carrie Keagan”, her appearances as a panelist on “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld”, her hosting work for “E!” and her hosting gig on “Big Morning Buzz Live”. I know her mostly from her appearances on “Attack of the Show”. No matter how you know her (or no matter if you know her at all), it’s hard to deny how incredibly beautiful this woman is. While these photos are certainly sexy and the poses are provocative, I like the fact that she isn’t showing a huge amount of skin in them. She’s able to be sexy and alluring without posing in a bra and panties or a bikini. That comes from confidence and natural sex appeal. Love this woman and love these pictures.


  • I believe the female equivalent would be the Jill of all trades, Wanda. :-)

    To be honest, I’ve never heard of this lady, but I think it’s great that she’s doing so many different things. It’s important to show (especially the younger generation) that you can do and succeed in a variety of pursuits.

  • What a beautiful looking lass. She’s obviously gorgeous but she seems to glow from the inside too. My absolute favourite of the pictures you have of her is the very last one. Love the gown – it’s almost a pinkish red. And I really like that it’s set against a grey background. Brings out the red all the more.

  • Wow. I’ve never heard of this girl either, but she is gorgeous, and what a PHENOMENAL body! Perfect!

  • Hilda, red really suits her, I think. Everyone has a color that suits them the most and I think red is it for Carrie Keagan. I haven’t seen her in colors across the spectrum, of course, so it’s not a definite conclusion!

  • Gorgeous lady. She exudes energy. And all without showing that much. Don’t get me wrong, a woman has the right to show as much or as little as she wants (as long as she’s the one in control of that and not someone else), but it’s nice to see a variety of ways sensuality is expressed (because there isn’t just one way).

  • I agree, Famali. I don’t have a problem with sexual/sensual/image expression. What I do have a problem with is how narrow that expression can be shown in the media. There’s a rainbow of expressions amongst humans that I don’t often see reflected in the celebrity world.

    Carrie’s beautiful. And multi-talented. I especially like the latter.

  • slimi

  • she is gorgeous, pretty but what a body, nice curves she got there, awesome legs too, sexy women