written by Wanda

Sexy New Irina Shayk Pics For Guess

I’ve been a big Irina Shayk fan since the first time I saw her in the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I’m thrilled to see these new pictures of her from her Guess ad campaign because they really highlight all of the things I like about her. She looks just as sexy fully clothed (well mostly) as she does in a bikini and that appeals to me. Her attractiveness isn’t all about her body. Her eyes are really what I find most attractive about her. There’s also something unique about her which I think it fantastic. There are so many cookie cutter models out there but for me, Irina stands out.

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  • I think it helps that Irina has dark hair, not blonde. Makes her more unique. I have nothing against blonde hair, but it’s usually automatically associated with beauty and attractiveness.

    And you’re right, she has incredible eyes.

    Do you know where she’s from?