written by Wanda

Sexy New Jennifer Lopez Photo Shoot

I feel like I’ve seen these pictures of Jennifer Lopez before. Perhaps they’re a throwback to an earlier photo shoot. I don’t think it really matters either way. Jennifer is an incredibly beautiful woman and hasn’t lost a bit of her appeal over the course of her time in the spotlight. She was stunning when she first appeared on the scene back in the “Selena” days she she’s stunning now. I love the fact that Jennifer has curves. There are far too many women in Hollywood that are waif thin and look in need of a sandwich. Jennifer has always been proof that curves are sexy and that’s one of the things I love most about her. Love Jennifer – everything about her. Even in her undies, she’s still a class act all the way.


  • I really like that I can see the stretch marks on her butt. No really, I mean it! For me, it shows that a woman can be extremely sexy, curvy and confident …with stretch marks. That’s a great message to send out to women, I feel. I for one feel inspired by it. :-)

  • She looks amazing. I’ve always thought she was beautiful. I also love the fact she’s good at a range of things: she sings, she dances, acts, is an American Idol judge and she’s a hell of an entrepreneur too. Plus she’s a mom. Love her.

  • Jennifer is a very beautiful woman. She’s an example of how a woman with curves should claim her curves and love every single one of them. She looks great in the swimwear, but I prefer her in the shirt – I like the suggestion of what can’t be seen.

  • I like how we see her stretch mark as well. I never did like when they photoshop a woman. The realness adds a quality to it all. She’s beautiful.

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  • Jennifer is a very sexy woman

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  • Oh Jennifer you are a fine lady. I have always loved you. Your music is good but your body is hot and your face is one of an angel. She is so darn pretty it is unreal. And her voice is so sexy when she talks I just can not get enough of it.

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