written by Wanda

Sexy New On Set Pics Of Kate Beckinsale

So I won’t even try to deny I’m a bit out of the loop on the whole “Underworld” franchise. I watched and loved the first two in the series but since then, I’ve kind of lost track. Same deal with “Resident Evil”. I have no idea how many “Underworld” movies there are now but from the looks of these pictures, there’s about to be another one. I’m sure I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t know. I’ll probably see the rest of the series eventually but for now, all that really matters to me is how hot Kate Beckinsale looks in these pictures. I love pale skin and dark hair so Kate is pretty close to the ideal woman in my eyes. Any excuse to put her in form fitting clothes to kick a little ass is just fine in my books.


  • There are three Underworld movies. This one will be the fourth.

    I’ve watched the first Underworld. Think I’ve watched the 2nd. Or maybe I skipped the 2nd and watched the 3rd! Can’t remember. But one of them wasn’t that great. I think the first part’s the best.

  • I love Kate Beckinsale and I love Underworld (I’m really into horror flicks). Can’t wait to watch it when it’s out! I also liked Kate in the vampire flick Van Helsing with the uber gorgeous Hugh Jackman. He’s definitely my cup of tea :-)

  • Oh yeah, she WAS in Van Helsing, wasn’t she? Forgot about that. When she was in Underworld, I was initially a bit confused – ‘cos I wasn’t sure if she was playing the same character. And if she was, then her accent had changed ‘cos in Van Helsing she had a Romanian accent (a really bad one too!), but in Underworld, it was a different one.

    But, yeah, I later figured she wasn’t playing the same character.

  • point included cfnuosion as to the difference between an expository monologue and dramatic dialogue. My explanation was perfectly clear and to the point. If you have an objection to it, state it. Having to include a lengthy voiceover´╗┐ at the start of your movie is just an admission that you haven’t explained things well IN the movie, i.e. in the storytelling.

  • good stuff keep more stuff from her coming pls