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Sexy New Performance Pics Of Cheryl Cole In Dublin.

I like Cheryl Cole. She’s a pretty woman with lots of talent even though I’m only really into a few of her songs. I still think she’s fantastic. In these photos from her performance on her tour in Dublin I think she looks great. I’m not sure I love some of the wardrobe changes but for the most part, I think she looks beautiful and probably put on a very entertaining show. I would go see Cheryl live. Even though I don’t love all of her music, I think the show itself would be worth seeing. She really seems to know how to entertain. I think Cheryl has what it takes to stick around in the music business, as long as she makes smart choices. Of course, I’ve been wrong before. I suppose only time will tell where her career will take her.


  • Cheryl looks great here in these photos. She has a tremendous body and can sing and dance as well. She has the style as well. In all of these clothes she looks fantastic. I just love her.

  • superb pics, she is so sexy

  • I really think that Cheryl Cole is an amazing person. She has it all. The looks, the body, the voice. And she just drives me wild in these photos. Looks great no matter what outfit she is wearing.

  • awesome looking lady what a body too