written by Wanda

Sexy New Pics Of Katharine McPhee On The Set Of Smash

I was excited about “Smash” when it premiered last season. I have been a big fan of Katharine McPhee since her time on “American Idol” and was excited to see her on television again. By the end of the first season, I had decidedly mixed feelings about the show. It wasn’t bad but it definitely wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. To be honest, I forgot all about it until I saw these photos from the set. They show what I loved most about the show – Miss. McPhee. After filming ‘Smash’ in SoHo, New York City, Katharine clearly looks gorgeous as she gets ready to leave. I think the dress she’s wearing looks beautiful on her. Do the pictures make me any more excited for the upcoming second season of the show? Not really. I’m hoping they focus on one or two main stories this season. There was so much going on in the first season it was hard to care about any of it. Not enough character development for me. I have hope for the second season but I’m not holding my breath. One thing is certain though – good or bad, Katharine will look and sound fantastic.


  • she is so fit

  • Katherine does look good here. And she has a wonderful voice. She will make it far I am sure of it. She does not have a bad look about her. Gorgeous if you want my opinion.