written by Wanda

Sexy New Pics Of Vanessa Hudgens And Her Boyfriend

I won’t lie. I’m loving this beach vacation Vanessa Hudgens seems to be on. She looks like she’s having a great time with her new boyfriend Austin Butler and that’s so good to see. Vanessa has had a rough go of it so seeing things starting to look and seeing her with what looks like a very genuine smile on her face is great. I remember back when the second set of naked Vanessa Hudgens pics hit the net. I really thought a lot less of her for them. Sort of a fool me once sort of deal. I felt bad about that when word came out that the second set was actually taken at the same time as the first set and that whoever had stolen them was splitting them up into groups to release every time Vanessa had a new project coming out. That seems like more than a ploy to make money or embarrass her. That seems to me like a personal grudge. It’s a shame. She made a mistake but Vanessa seems like a strong young woman capable of moving on and rebuilding herself. Perhaps her relationship with Austin is another step on that journey.



  • That whole nude episode went over my head. I wasn’t really following it.

    So, from what you’re saying, for someone to steal those photos, the person must have known Vanessa. Maybe the person was jealous or perhaps they fancied Vanessa, but she didn’t.

    Must have been really hard for her to trust anyone around that time.

    • I may not have the story right entirely, but from what I understand, she took the photos for Zac Efron (her boyfriend at the time) and someone hacked into her cell phone and stole them. I don’t think it was someone that knew her but again, I’m not really sure. I seem to recall hearing her name mentioned when a man was arrested for hacking into e-mail accounts and cell phones of celebrities but I can’t say for sure.

  • Oh dear. Someone hacked into her phone? I don’t know which one’s worse, it possibly being someone you know, or it being someone you don’t know at all. Either way, it had to really suck when it happened. Poor petal.

  • Sorry, what? I was distracted.

  • The heavy pda couples like them tend to not last. I think Vanessa leaked those photos herself. You notice every time it happens she has a new movie coming out.

    • I might think you were on to something if it actually seemed like the pictures were advancing her career. It seems to hurt more than it helps though. Plus, there was the whole involving the FBI thing. I can’t imagine she’d do that if she had leaked them herself. I tried to find information on the guy they arrested for hacking celebrity phones and e-mail addresses to see if she was in fact one of the victims but I can’t seem to find anything on the story. You could be right though. Like Hilda said, you never know. As for the heavy pda couples, I tried to think of an example to suggest otherwise but I couldn’t come up with one. Think you’re on to something there.

  • Jonathan, perhaps she leaked them. But I have a hunch that she didn’t. She doesn’t come across as the type that would deliberately leak nude photos of her for her own advancement. I could be wrong though. You just never know about people, but I’m more inclined to think that she didn’t.

  • I’ve seen these pictures a few times and it’s only NOW I’ve noticed that Vanessa appears to have a tattoo on her foot. Can you see it – in the main photo? It looks like writing. I wonder what it says.

    Thank God that whole nudity saga’s over.

  • Oh, ahem, it’s a fake tattoo. She was on the Jay Leno Show, was asked about the tattoo and whether it hurt and she said it was a fake. She said she’s always drawing on herself and the one on her foot was exactly that. What the words said: “All you need is love”.

    • Thanks for that, Hilda. I didn’t actually notice the tattoo until I saw your comment. I used to do the same thing too – write on myself and draw. I ended up with thirteen tattoos so perhaps there is a tattoo in Vanessa’s future. I think tasteful tattoos on a woman are absolutely beautiful.

  • Yah welcome! I really didn’t notice it either, and then I was like “oh, hold on, what’s that?” You used to draw on yourself too? Do you have real tattoos now? I think you might have mentioned you do – I can’t remember.

  • Live,Love,Laugh…Directioner svirce:Sinceramente Vanessa e Josh non mi sembrano una grande coppia, anche se io amo (amo) Josh.Preferisco di gran lunga Zanessa <3

  • wow!! thx bro

  • i love her too much