written by Wanda

Sexy Nicole Richie Shows Off Her Body

Words can’t express how happy I am to see Nicole Richie looking healthy and happy. I used to watch her on “The Simple Life” (major guilty pleasure of mine) and I always loved her curvier look. As seasons progressed though, it was like watching a woman disappear. She got thinner and thinner until there was nothing left but skin and bones. Seeing her looking healthy again not only makes me happy but it makes her look so much more attractive. She has some curves again and I think that’s fantastic. When she was super thin, she looked so unhappy. She looks so much happier now. While before it was like watching her disappear, now it’s like we’ve watched her transform into a beautiful, healthy, happy woman. I hope she keeps it up.


  • Nicole definitely seems to be in a happier place now. When she was super thin, it was worrying. My heart went out to her. She was some place else. I’m so glad she’s taken control. Not only is she doing for her, but in so doing, she’s sending out a message to women who struggle with their body image.

  • I remember seeing a picture of Nicole Richie on the beach some years ago and I was shocked. She looked sick. There was nothing to her. She was just all bone. So, yes, I too am happy for her that she turned things around. It couldn’t have been easy because it wasn’t just her body she had to change, it was her mind.

  • I wonder if she ever does talks about her experience? I think it would be great if she went into a variety of schools and colleges and did that. A lot of young people would benefit from it, I feel.

  • You know, that’s a really good idea, Kara. I definitely think it’s needed in schools, particularly amongst girls. Because a lot of girls look up to celebrities and try to emulate them, having Nicole come in would be really useful.

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  • Nicole looks great here. She has a nice body that is not too thin like she once used to be. She needs to jazz up her suit however with a pop or two of color. Then she would look fab.