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Sexy Pics Of Julianne Hough And Ryan Seacrest

Of all the celebrities I get to write about on this site, Julianne Hough is one of my absolute favorites. I love this girl. She has such a feisty personality and the fact that she’s smoking hot doesn’t hurt. I love pictures of Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough even more. These two seem to have such a normal, functional relationship. I like seeing that. I also have to admit, I find Seacrest kind of sexy in a weird way. Sure he’s just a little guy, but he has some sort of strange charm. They seem like a great match. Here in Miami, Julianne and Ryan seem to be enjoying a nice day out on the beach. Am the only one that thinks Ryan could stand to do a few push ups, though? Perhaps the one shirtless picture we have of him is just taken from a bad angle. Who cares though? With Julianne in that little black bikini, it’s hard to even pay attention to Ryan. That girl is fit!


  • Ryan Seacrest has public broadcast his engagement to his Canadian fiancee of 2009 and onwards official broadcast relationship with his Canadian significant other.
    Ryan Seacrest is to have already been married to his Canadian fiancee.

    Ellen Reveals Ryan Seacrest’s Dating Stories – The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    November 2009 public broadcast by Ryan Seacrest of his official relationship identified as a woman outside the (United) states of identifying maple leaf (Canada)

    TAKE NOTICE the Canadian woman of official 2009 relationship with Ryan Seacrest has not provided any approval or agreement of a “friend with benefit” or any other like terms

    • I’m really sorry, Gem, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Huh, what is your point?

  • The information provided is standard form given to all persons of ink and broadcast of the public fraud of the Hough.

    Your ink is a misrepresentation of the “relationship” of the Hough and Ryan Seacrest.

    It is a legal fact that Ryan Seacrest is engaged to his Canadian fiancee of 2009 and onwards official broadcast relationship with his Canadian significant other.

    • Well if I were his Canadian fiance, I would be pretty darn concerned about his relationship with Julianne Hough. In addition, it’s public knowledge that Seacrest and Hough have been together for quite some time now – months in fact. This is also something Ryan has confirmed himself. I’m not sure how you can clairm something is a ‘legal fact’ when it very clearly isn’t – according to what Seacrest has said himself. Finally, perhaps this is a comment you should post on TMZ, E! Online and scores of other entertainment news website as they regularly ‘misrepresent’ this relationship as well, apparently.

      While your information may have been correct as of 2009, it certainly isn’t anymore – at least not as of the spring of 2010 when Ryan and Julianne did in fact begin dating. One last thing, what the heck is with calling her ‘the Hough’. Is that a dig on her or something? I stand by my post one hundred percent. A quick Google search (very useful for finding out correct and up to date information) confirms that I am, in fact right.

      Thanks for defending him (and her?) though. I’m sure it’s much appreciated. I’m quite certain Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough and the ‘Canadian fiancee’ have little concern about my post or much else that’s written about them; especially considering that far worse things have been said about Ryan. And that’s all I have to say about this one. Thanks for commenting.

  • Sexy pics of Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest
    June 29, 2011, Julianne Hough

    Unfortunate that it appears that Tom and Wanda did not read the posted Gem comment correctly.

    The information of engagement with Canadian fiancee is not old information of 2009.

    Unfortunately, information that is posted on various website is not always factual and the various media do make error on occasion. The various media and persons have liability for their postings. Generally, incorrect information is a concern to any person particularly when it is posted of availability on the world wide web. A person does not have to be a celebrity or public figure to take issue with incorrect posting. As such, there are various process available to remedy error.

    There is no “dig” or anything in the use of Hough surname (pronounced “Huff”).

    Do not know the source of information of the claim of Wanda that Ryan Seacrest has confirmed himself. It is correct that Ryan Seacrest has confirmed on Good Morning America in 2010 that he is NOT engaged to the Hough but not to another.

    The Hough was a 2010 “fling” of Ryan Seacrest of public broadcast of two occasions (so-called “doing”). The “fling” was over upon the July 2010 return to the U.S. of the Italy public foray. “Hanging” around with a person is not within the ambit of a “dating” relationship.

    Ryan Seacrest, is, and has been engaged of official nuptials to his unofficial spouse, the Canadian fiancee of November 2009 and onwards official broadcast of relationship with Canadian significant other.

  • Okay, this is the last time I’m commenting on this non-sense. Gem, I like you. You seem like a very passionate person, but you’re just flat out wrong and I’m very sorry to have to be the one to point that out. First, Seacrest’s profile on People.com (a reputable and trusted source, by the way) as of today, July 26, 2010: http://www.people.com/people/ryan_seacrest/biography/0,,,00.html

    On the right side of the screen, you will see Ryan’s name, date of birth, place of birth and then his relationships. Beside Julianne’s name it states 2010-present. I would like to point out that of all the relationships listed, not a single one is Canadian. Because I care about presenting facts, I searched all over the internet for any trace of a story about Ryan Seacrest and his Canadian girlfriend. You’d really think that would be something someone somewhere would’ve written about.

    Regardless, I’m not sure what your deal is with Ryan Seacrest and who he is or isn’t dating, but facts are facts. If you can point me to a single REPUTABLE source to back up your claim, I’ll give it a little more credence. Until then, I humbly suggest you back away from your keyboard and take a long hard look at why this is important to you. If you are (or want to be) the Canadian girlfriend of which you speak, I recommend you find another object for your affection because Ryan is taken and not by some unknown and as far as I’m concerned, non-existent Canadian. I, by the way, happen to be Canadian (I’m from Nova Scotia), and I would sincerely appreciate it if you would stop dragging my country into your delusions.

    Ugh, I’m sorry if I’m coming across as mean or harsh, but I really take issue with someone coming to this site, posting lies and trying to imply that I’m a liar or don’t care enough about this site, my posts and my job to do even casual research. I mean every word I’m typing right now. Feel free to respond but as far as I’m concerned, this conversation was over. If you truly believe that you are Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend, I am not even kidding in the least (or trying to be mean) when I suggest you seek professional help. Sure it might come across as mean, but delusions like this are often the sign of serious, but treatable mental illnesses and I would never joke about such a thing.

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