written by Wanda

Sexy Pics Of Kristin Cavallari In Body Hugging Dress

I kind of hated Kristin Cavallari before he all too short stint on “Dancing with the Stars” but she’s starting to make a fan out of me. As a rule, I don’t like women who rise to fame on reality shows but, well, Kristin really is exceptionally hot and I’m finding it harder and harder to ignore that; especially when she’s out and about wearing dresses like this. While gray can often be a little too drab and lifeless for my taste, her banging body really livens the whole thing up. It fits her perfectly and accentuates all of the right things. It’s also just short enough to show off those gorgeous legs without being so short it’s too slutty. I hate to admit it, but I’m really starting to look forward to seeing pictures of Kristin which, by my estimation, makes me a complete hypocrite.

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  • I’d love to rail her she is a hottie, the other lass with her is very nice too, she is very nice