written by Wanda

Sexy Pictures Of Jennifer Ellison Working Out

I don’t really know much about Jennifer Ellison other than the fact that I loved her in ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. She’s a lovely girl and quite talented but for some reason, she just didn’t keep my attention after Phantom. That first picture of her stretching though… I don’t know. It just looks weird to me. Am I the only one? Anyway, I like these pictures (aside from the weird first one) because this is a girl that genuinely looks like she’s having a good time. In most pictures of celebs working out, they don’t look like they’re actually enjoying themselves but Jennifer really does. I would imagine that’s how she manages to keep her body in such great shape.


  • Pic 2(from l)

    How old is she, 49?

    • She’s 27, actually.

      Normally I can see your point, but this time, I disagree. I looked over the pictures. She looks a bit older than her age, but I’d say 30 at the oldest.

      EDIT: Wanted to add, nice to see you back! I’ve missed your comments!

  • Is it me or she became attention seeker?

  • very very sexy thx bro

  • she is really fit, the lady with her is nice too, what an ass on her

  • jennifer is lovely, great body, the lass with her look at her booty, god damn she is fine also