written by Wanda

Sexy Rhian Sugden Lingerie Pics

I’m not all that familiar with Rhian Sugden. I know she’s a Page Three Girl/glamour model but that’s about the extend of my knowledge of her. I’d like to change that. Rhian may well be one of my favorite Page Three girls to date. The face. The hair. The body. It all works for me. I like some of the photos in this set more than others but overall, I’d say this is a great shoot. Rhian really knows how to play up to the cameras and have a good time while exuding this raw sensuality. It’s not easy to do that without looking trashy, especially when clad only in underwear, and I think she crossed that line into trashy territory with one or two of these shots. Even so, I think she mostly pulled it off and that’s what matters. Great photos of a beautiful girl. If you’re new to her, as I am, you’ll be seeing more of her here in a few short hours so make sure you don’t miss those.


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  • such a sexy women with a great body, what great rack and ass