written by Wanda

Sexy Rihanna Concert Pics From Toronto.

I posted new photo shoot pictures of Rihanna yesterday and wrote a bit about why I love her so much. This time, I’d like to focus entirely on the photos and, more specifically, why I prefer candid Rihanna pics and Rihanna concert pics to Rihanna studio pics. I always think Rihanna looks gorgeous but I like seeing her look more natural. By more natural, of course, I mean without Photoshop touch ups and all of that. In these photos, taken live in Toronto, Rihanna is looking fantastic. I’m not sure I adore the outfit but I do love her body and the way she works the stage. I would love to see Rihanna live one day. It looks like she puts on a fantastic show.


  • great pics, nice cleavage

  • I just love Rihanna here. She looks fit and fantastic. I would kill to see her in concert. I would kill to look like her. She is a wonderful person who has made some bad choices but I feel she is getting along better with her life.