written by irene

Sexy Salma Hayek

So I’m not so sure when these pictures of beautiful Salma Hayek were taken. Perhaps during her pre-pregnancy phase? (In case you’ve been living under a rock in the past few months, Salma just gave birth. Her fiance’s a billionaire. Top that! Hah!) What I like about Salma is the way she proudly talks about her culture and race. She’s not afraid to be herself…plus she makes it a point to help other Mexicans like her. Being a producer of “Ugly Betty,” Salma gives opportunities for co-Mexicans to shine in Hollywood.

Sexy Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Salma Hayek 2.jpg Salma Hayek 3.jpg Salma Hayek 4.jpg Salma Hayek 5.jpg Salma Hayek 6.jpg


  • One of the hottest chick eva…

  • I hope Ugly Betty can reward something to her. She did great job so far. I know her since Desperado on 1995. That time I’m not realy like her but when I watched Lonely Hearts this year I saw a lot of improvement in her. Now I’m believe in her. For sure she will shine. Good Luck to you Salma.

  • Hopefully, Mexicans who got a boost in Hollywood are thankful to Salma. In these pictures though, why does Salma look so depressed? Even if they were taken a while ago, she doesn’t smile in any of them.

  • That’s what standing on your ground and knowing the roots you came from serve as an ideal sample to keep especially to people having excessive blessings in their life. And Salma is rewarded well due to her nature. And say, a baby? Well,most woman wants to be a mother. More than that, she’s still shining and even beautiful. I like her.

  • I remember Salma said that her look is unique that it can be transformed to various races with make up trick.. her original latina look, make her darker, she becomes indian, with additional touch up on the eye, she becomes an arab.. and leave her face without make up, she’s still stunning… Go Salma…

  • She’s the most favourite actress for me, I really love to watch her movie with Antonio Banderas in Desperado and also in the Ask The Dust . . . she is so sexy

  • Will Salma Hayek ever get any older? She looks the same since ages!
    She’s damn sexy alright, but she’s been looking pretty much the same since a long long time…I wonder what’s her secret :D

  • One of the most beautiful womans of hollywood!!!
    hehe i like “Ugly Betty”,´i think she is making a lot of money with it and giving oportunity for other mexican actors.

  • She is really a beauty, I would say. Pure and attractive down to the earth. I think the pictures here really showcase why she will always be considered the best. You can actually feel her smile the way she took the pictures.

  • She is soooooo gorgeous .being called the pefect woman will not do her justice.

  • she is the meaning of sex on legs, she just oozes sex appeal, her raw beauty is no equal to anyone she is just wonderful,

  • she has such a sexy exotic look to her, awesome milf, lovely legs and feet too, id love to suck them toes.