written by Wanda

Sexy Samantha Mumba On Vacation In Hawaii

Irish singer/actress Samantha Mumba looks absolutely gorgeous as she enjoys her vacation in Hawaii and I’m thrilled about that. I’ve been a fan of this woman for quite some time now and it’s great to see new pictures of her and her husband. These two just look so happy together. One thing that’s always appealed to me about Samantha is the fact that she really seems to have found a way to stay grounded. You don’t see her embroiled in the scandals many of her contemporaries seem to get caught up in for the most part and I like that about her. It’s easier to keep your name in the headlines for bad behavior but Samantha doesn’t seem quite so desperate to keep the spotlight on her. I love these photos and I love this woman.


  • Wow, I haven’t heard about Samantha Mumba in years! One minute she was singing and doing relatively OK in the charts, then she moved into film, then she kinda vanished. Good to see her looking so happy. I didn’t even know she was married.

    • Very true, Benita. I was pretty happy to get this set of pictures as it gave me a chance to really look into what she’s been up to. I love her. Like you, I think it’s great to see her smiling.

  • I wonder what else she’s up to. Must go on Google and check. Or maybe she’s just been completely happy over the years chilling with her boo. Do you know what her husband does? What’s his name? (I’m assuming he has one!)

  • I think you should have a skceth writing contest. Winner gets bragging rights, one (1) pair of gold-toe socks and a packet of Bacos for their salad. Mmm I hope I win!

  • she looks great, she is a nice looking women with a fantastic body, great curves on this babe and I bet she enjoys getting plowed by her beefy man here

  • shame she is not a bigger name, good looking lady, nice body on her too, pretty tasty

  • hottie, always liked her she has a nice face and wow what a body on her, superb pics