written by Wanda

Sexy Sara Jean Underwood Gets Nearly Naked

I love Sara Jean Underwood. I really and honestly do. I also really and honestly love these pictures but, sticking with the whole honesty thing, these aren’t my favorite shots of Sara Jean. Although she certainly looks beautiful and ultra sexy, I prefer her more fun looking photo sets, particularly those from “Attack of the Show”. T me, Sara is sexiest when she’s playing up her geekiness because that’s really what makes her special to me. She isn’t the typical blond bombshell. She’s special and I think some of that specialness is missing in these photos. All the same, she looks beautiful. These pictures just aren’t my favorite.


  • Give me a break. Don’t be so naive. There is nothing “geeky” about Sara Jean Underwood. She is a Playboy model who got hired by a “geek” show. She has a bubbly personality and has fun with it. But the reality is she’s still basically a super hot chick with implants.

    I love her, but don’t pretend she’s something other than what she is. Also, she gets completely naked in Playboy.

  • mike that is why…bring back Olivia!!!!!!!! she is not fit with the pervert sicko retaird geek population……!!!!

  • hot hot hot !!! thx bro

  • Sara Jean is hot but these pictures are not really a turn on for me. More of a turn off. She has a great body that is for sure and a wonderful face. But get some better clothes please.