written by Wanda

Sexy Sara Jean Underwood Shows Off Her Body

Yeah, I’m not so sure how I feel about these pictures. Sure Sara Jean’s a gorgeous woman and she has a gorgeous body, but I just don’t get the outfit and I can’t seem to get past that fact. I’m sure there’s some type of story behind it, but I don’t know that story and am therefore lost as to why she would put these clothes on her body. While I generally like seeing sexy women showing off their lovely toned tummies, this just doesn’t work for me. The outfit is distracting. I barely notice anything else. Sara Jean was supposed to be Wonder Woman in the new reboot of the classic television show but the last I heard the show was on ice. Guess my prediction on that one from a while back came true. I still like Sara, but this wasn’t her best set of pictures by far.


  • It’s what Natalie Portman wore in from Star Wars Episode II.

    • Thank you! I can’t believe I didn’t make that connection!

  • My first thought when I saw her outfit was Star Trek and some other sci fi thing. I was kinda close though, because Dwight mentioned it was Star Wars.

    The outfit looks like a cheap version and I don’t like the long sleeve short sleeve thing it’s got going on.

    So I agree with you: Sara? Gorgeous? Yes. Outfit? Thumbs down.

  • She’s sexy like an hourglass and she can wear anything.
    and still looks hot

  • I agree, she looks hot and she’s sexy. But the outfit looks tacky. I mean, maybe it looks tacky because I know what the real Star Wars outfit looked like. If I didn’t know, then I guess I’d like the outfit and her in it.

  • She is sexy no matter what she wears. Sara Jean is hot. She is why I watch Attack of the Show. She makes me happy when I see her on it. While the outfit would not look good on anyone else, she smokes in it.