written by Wanda

Sexy Set Of Kim Cattrall On The Beach

I don’t see why everyone gives Kim Cattrall such a hard time. Sure she’s older, but I think she’s gorgeous. While I’m sure there’s been a little nip and a little tuck here and there to help combat Father Time, I don’t think she’s any worse than any other female celebrity her age. The biggest problem Kim seems to have is overcoming the slutty reputation she earned by portraying the ultimate cougar, Samantha Jones, on Sex and the City. It’s a character people! Let it go. And if Kim’s like that in real life, well kudos to her for being sexy and taking charge of her sex life. There’s nothing sexier than confidence and Kim has it in spades.

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  • like!!!

  • i wish i was that guy lol, id smash her on the bach and slap that nice ass of hers, and I loved her on sex and the city, who doesnt love a slutty women lol and a cougar even better.

    Been with older women and its so good lol

  • she is bang tidy and she is 56 yrs old wow, nice figure, she was the hottest on sex on the city imo, always loved her slutty character on the show, I have banged 50 + yr old women in real life and they dont look anywhere like her lol.

    she is stunning women, wish I was that guy getting to play with her, I hope she is slutty in real life

  • I love Kim Cattrall she has great feet too i noticed her body is great and she is stunnng, what more would a guy want not to mention she would be an awesome shag

  • I love this women, easily the best women on sex and the city, so horny i love her on that show, I love older women tho and she has a great body

  • wonder who the guy is , id love to be him getting to roll around with sexy kim, is she a horny cougar in real life too, such a classy mature bird cant beat them, She is the hottest of the four on sex and the city in my opinion and id bang all of them

  • All I can say is I envy that guy’s role here rolling around having good fun with a sexy mature older bird like Kim Cattrall, lucky guy, she is a fox

  • sexy women she has a nice body