written by Wanda

Sexy Tulisa Contostavlos Bikini Pics.

Tulisa Contostavlos is a beautiful woman. There really isn’t any room for argument there. She has a pretty face and a fantastic body. I also happen to think she’s a talented young woman with a fun personality. There really isn’t a whole lot I don’t like about her. I love these photos of Tulisa because she really seems to be having a great time, relaxing and enjoying herself on the beach. It just so happens that she’s looking gorgeous as she does it. I like the bun she’s wearing in her hair in a few of the photos because it really lets us see that gorgeous face of hers but she also looks fantastic with her hair down. Tulisa is a beautiful woman and I love having the chance to write about her.


  • beautiful- subjective, i think she is pretty,

    Talented- What way, she cant sing at all yet she judges others lol

  • she sucks at singing and sucking she is fit but to say she is talented is pushing it, she is another attention media loving whore over here in the uk, she loves herself too much

  • she is a talentless slut, you say she is gorgeous- maybe she is- again she is good looking to someone and not to someone else like everyone is you say she is talented at what?, her music is average at best, she has videos online of pleasing guys maybe thats talent to you/

  • good looking girl