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Sexy Vanessa Minnillo Promotes “Disaster Movie”

Vanessa Minnillo was busy in New York City on Tuesday, August 26. She attended a promotion at MTV’s TRL studios and a party organized by Tide. Vanessa spread the word about her role in her latest movie, “Disaster Movie.” Her screen character was a cheerleader who could not get her boyfriend to profess his love for her. Fortunately, Minnillo said that in real life, her boyfriend, Nick Lachey, had no qualms at all about saying, “I love you.”

Vanessa Minnillo

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  • Nice legs!

  • Vanessa Minnillo is like a goddess to me. She’s so damn beautiful!!

  • how cum this website doesn’t show nude pictures?

  • why do you censor words like shit?

  • ^^^ that’s funny!

  • Disaster Movie Sucks!

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  • I did not watch this spoof movie but saw another spoof on Spiderman. It was funny in some ways but certainly of a different standard. Spoofs have lower budgets …

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