written by Wanda

Sexy Victoria Silvstedt Welcomes 2012 In A Bikini

Here’s what I did on New Year’s Eve – sat home watching “Community” on Netflix eating peanut butter and drinking orange soda in my blanket suit. Here’s what Victoria Silvstedt did – hit up South Beach in Florida in a super sexy white bikini. Aside from my general lack of talent or attractive physical attributes, it’s pretty obvious to see why Victoria is the celebrity and I’m merely the girl writing about her. Victoria knows how to have fun. Okay, so I actually had a lot of fun in my own way but still, what Victoria did looks way better on camera. I really like this woman. To be honest, I can’t find anything about these pictures I don’t like. She looks incredible and she also looks like she rang in the New Year exactly how she wanted to. Can’t hate on a girl for that.


  • She reminds me of a school teacher. Too bad I never saw her wearing bikini.

    Thank you for Victoria.

    I will keep checking the blog. It looks great.

  • Why do all celebrities spend NY in a bikini?