written by Wanda

Sharni Vinson Has A Blast On A Beach In Miami.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Aussies? Yes? Well let me mention it again anyway. I have a serious soft spot for all things Australian. It’s just a thing with me, I suppose. With that said, I don’t just love Sharni Vinson because she’s Australian. I love her because she’s gorgeous but not in the typical sense. She has a fantastic body of course but there’s something unique and different about her. All of that is on display here in these photos from Miami. On top of being beautiful, Sharni is also a very talented lady. I loved her on “Home and Away” and she was one of the only things I liked about “Step Up 3D”. I hope things continue going well for this woman and I hope I get to write about her again soon.

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  • soooo fit