written by Wanda

Sharni Vinson Looks Killer In A Bikini

I’m a pretty big fan of Sharni Vinson. She was one of the few things I liked about Step Up 3D and I really enjoyed her work on Home and Away. She also happens to look incredible in a bikini, as we can see in these photos snapped on a beach in Malibu. It’s just a shame Sharni really hasn’t found her breakout role yet. I have little doubt that role will be coming soon though. She’s not just a pretty girl with a fantastic body. She’s also a talented actress, singer and dancer. Those talents, combined with her good looks, should take her a long way in the entertainment industry. It’s just a matter of getting that role that really grabs people’s attention and shows the world what she can really do. I have my fingers crossed that Sharni gets that role soon.

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  • Someone get this girl a burger!