written by Wanda

Sharni Vinson Shows Off Her Killer Body

It kind of blows my mind sometimes that Sharni Vinson isn’t a bigger name in the entertainment industry. She’s beautiful, talented and has a killer body. This gorgeous Australian model/actress/dancer really has everything it takes to be a real shining star yet she isn’t quite a household name … yet. I have little doubt that her worldwide recognition is just one good film role away. She was fantastic inĀ Step Up: 3D which is kind of impressive considering I really didn’t like anything about the movie aside from Sharni. In these photos, we see Sharni looking incredible, showing off her body in a super sexy dress that highlights all of her best features. Great pictures of a gorgeous woman.


  • she is decent looking even tho a lot of people say she is ugly

    • yea well do u know what haters gonna hate at the end of the day. If a celebrity has no one hating on them then you know they are doing something wrong lol