written by irene

Shauna Sand Beaching

An orange bikini clad Shauna Sand was recently seen frolicking in the beaches of Miami, Florida. Now I really just have to ask these questions: why is she so damn thin that her bikini is barely clinging to her body (the bottom part) and what is the matter with her lips? Fortunately for Shauna, it seems like she doesn’t have any problem with regard to her butt. As the succeeding photos would show, it’s as soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Shauna Sand

bikini Florida beach Shauna Sand 4.jpg Shauna Sand 6.jpg Shauna Sand 7.jpg Shauna Sand 8.jpg Shauna Sand Ass Jessica Alba Shauna Sand 11.jpg Shauna Sand 13.jpg


  • Ass pic reminds me of Jessica Alba.. is it me or? lol

  • Yeah correct.. we seen this pose before.

  • all she has is good body

  • She is so beautiful!


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