written by Wanda

Shauna Sand In Leopard Print Bikini

Shauna Sand is doing what she does best here in Miami, Florida – looking remarkably hot for someone her age; or for any age for that matter. While it’s true that this babe looks better than most women half her age, you have to wonder if she ever regrets trading eternal youth for the little things in life – like a face that moves for example. I doubt it. I imagine it’s quite hard to have any regrets when you hit the beach and every head turns to look at you in stunned awe. The lady (term used loosely) looks hot – no question about that. She paid good money for her looks – well, someone did anyway. It’s only right that she show it off and we thank her for that. I may think she’s a little nuts to have so much work done but you can’t argue with the results. Shauna Sand is smoking hot.

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  • she looks like a leopard hitting the beach

  • Who is she? What has made her a darling of the stalkarazzi? She does have a nice pair of feet, but she looks like a Las Vegas hooker! Girls! The hooker/stripper high heels are not cute, when wearing a bikini or anything for that matter!!!