written by Wanda

Shauna Sand Is Plastic Fantastic

There isn’t a soul on this planet that can argue whether or not Shauna Sand has had plastic surgery. I mean, they could try but they would lose. This woman is more plastic than flesh, but hey, she looks incredible so who cares. I, personally, would never go under the knife, but that’s just me. Shauna clearly likes it and she clearly loves the way she looks. Showing off her sexy body in a pink leopard print bikini, Shauna is probably having a lot of fun on the beach. I mean, you can’t really tell because I doubt her face is actually capable of showing emotional anymore, but she doesn’t exactly look unhappy. Any woman who struts the sand in stripper heels is okay in my books. That has got to be hard to do.

Shauna Sand Shauna Sand Shauna SandShauna Sand Shauna Sand Shauna Sand


  • Who’s the more natural (younger) babe? lol

  • I’m actually not sure how old Shauna is. I think Angelia Joli is a crazy hot woman, but I’m sure she’s had a little work. Sandra Bullock comes to mind too. Liz Hurley is gorgeous. Heidi Klum is beautiful. I don’t know how much work any of them have had though. I’m guessing a lot. I hear – and I’m not much of an official source here – that Halle Berry is all natural. If that’s the case, she has got to be one of the hottest natural beauties out there.