written by Wanda

Shauna Sand Looks Like She’s Made Of Plastic.

Nope – just not loving these photos. I’m not even liking them. Perhaps I’m biased because I really, really dislike Shauna Sand. I think she’s almost become a parody of herself which is a shame. I used to think she was so absolutely stunning but plastic surgery has rendered her almost unrecognizable. Who is this woman with the weird lips and the vacant stare? I don’t know but I know it’s not the Shauna Sand I once knew and loved. I don’t get why someone so beautiful would do this to themselves. It just makes no sense. I get that aging can be frightening but you know what’s more frightening? Those lips. How can she look at herself in the mirror and not feel sad over what she’s done to her face. Breaks my heart.


  • ummm… the Jenna Jameson Effect??

  • Um Barbie called and wants her look back. She looks totally fake here and I do not much care for it. And the pose in the first photo, what the heck is that? She looks very plastic in this one.

  • I agree with Leah. She looks unreal. I do not care much for what she did to herself. And the sad thing is if she would have just left herself alone, she would be so much prettier now. It is a shame when people do things to their bodies that just do not make sense.