written by Nabanita

Shauna Sand Multi Tasking

Here’s someone taking it easy when commuting. Of course we don’t understand much about her clothing, looks like a retro short leather jacket but let’s not get into that. With her music in place, ails manicured and painted in glossy black, lovely shades and high boots she did her bit for style when it comes to battling the sun in Malibu. Well, seems like the girl doesn’t mind refueling by herself and doesn’t need man power or help to get the gas in the tank. Well, quite a hot sight we must say and of course pleasant to the eyes this time around.

Shauna Sand

short leather jacket Shauna Sand in heels Shauna Sand in a carShauna Sand Shauna Sand Shauna Sand in Malibu Shauna Sand Shauna Sand

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  • what car does she drive?