written by Ann

Shauna Sand Stripped Off Panties

Shauna Sand wanted to command attention so she performed a striptease act for the paparazzi outside the Foxtail Lounge in Hollywood. Sand stripped off her panties. The cameras went off like crazy. She did not throw her under garment into the sea of paparazzi. That was the practical side of Sand taking over. She looked beautiful in her skimpy corset. There was another woman who was dressed even more scantily than Shauna Sand.

Shauna Sand

Shauna Sand 1.jpg panties Shauna Sand 3.jpg Shauna Sand 4.jpg corset Shauna Sand 6.jpg Foxtail Lounge beautiful Shauna Sand Shauna Sand 9.jpg Shauna Sand with some friend Shauna Sand 11.jpg paparazzi sexy dressed ass Shauna Sand 15.jpg

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