written by Christine

Shop It Like Victoria Beckham

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to shop like Victoria Beckham, here is a sample of the Posh lifestyle. Here she is on the streets of London doing one of the things she loves to do best – shop till she drops. And looking svelte and smokin’ as ever I might add, but again we are dealing with a woman who literally makes a living out of never been caught looking bad. Dressed in a MAYJAH black number with Louboutin pumps to match, this girl is taking her shop seriously! And I am loving the little black ‘gear’ gloves, just enough to keep a death grip on those credit cards.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham goes Shopping Victoria Beckham in Public Victoria Beckham 4.jpg Victoria Beckham 5.jpg Victoria Beckham 6.jpg Victoria Beckham 7.jpg Victoria Beckham 8.jpg Victoria Beckham 9.jpg Victoria Beckham 10.jpg Victoria Beckham 11.jpg Victoria Beckham 12.jpg


  • awesome, she really looks gorgeous in that dress.
    She looks like one of those bond girls.
    She is kinda very uptight though, i have never seen her smile.
    Posh…..please smile :)

  • she is dam hot :-D

  • I have never heard the term “gear” gloves. I like it. =)

    Looks like she has a cool leather bracelet on next the the gloves, kind of adds to them.

    Thanks for the great entry!