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Sienna Miller’s Strapless Bikini In Spain

Sienna Miller has gone on a holiday. She has a pretty strapless bikini here. She invited her mother and sister to sail on a yacht to Formentera, Ibiza, Spain. The gossips said that she wanted to escape somewhere to avoid running into her old friends, who might criticize her for her romance with Balthazar Getty. There were rumors that the couple was searching to buy a new home for their love nest. Sienna might have to foot the bill since Balthazar has not inherited any of the Getty money yet.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller 1.jpg Sienna Miller on a yacht strapless bikini Sienna Miller in bikini Sienna Miller with friends Sienna Miller 6.jpg Sienna Miller 7.jpg Sienna Miller 8.jpg

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  • I’m surprised Sienna’s not topless.