written by irene

Skinny Nicky Hilton Goes Braless

The sister of former heiress and now busy actress Paris Hilton is slowly showing the world why she deserves more attention now. Nicky Hilton has said goodbye to her curves and she’s now as skinny as her sister. The fashion designer Nicky flaunted her new body by going braless and wearing a white tank top and striped bikini bottom. She was spotted at the beach with some of her guy friends. Of course, Nicky’s nipples are apparent through the thin cotton material of her tank top. Do you like Nicky’s new body?

Nicky Hilton

designer Nicky flaunted white tank top Nicky Hilton 4.jpg Nicky Hilton 5.jpg bikini bottom braless Nicky Hilton Nicky Hilton by the beach Nicky Hilton 9.jpg Nicky Hilton 10.jpg Nicky Hilton striped Nicky Hilton ass Nicky Hilton 13.jpg


  • She has a nice ass.

  • braless? i can see her bikini top

  • First of all it was Nicky who went anorexic before Paris did so the reference to her as ‘being almost as skinny as her sister’ is complete BS. The only attention Nicky should get and all the others going through this stage is medical and psychiatric for severe anorexia and bulimia. Somehow they believe this is fashionable. I guess since the dweeb who wrote that Nicky deserves more attention now that she’s skinny is validation that these sick people are on to something. Anytime a woman diets and loses muscle mass on her legs is a sign of illness not beauty or health.