written by Wanda

Sleezy Topless Shots Of Geri Halliwell

Ya know, sometimes I love my job but other times … not so much. These photos of Geri Halliwell are just so sleazy but I’m here to write posts about the pictures I’m assigned and right now that means writing a post about these pictures. Yes, we can see Geri Halliwell naked but I’m still not digging these pictures. They just kind of feel wrong. It doesn’t look like she knows the cameras are there and while I might be wrong on that, that’s the feeling I get from the pictures all the same and that unnerves me. She looks very pretty but I think I’d rather look at her Playboy pictorial than these voyeur style shots.

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  • This is very wrong. I do not think that she does know that they are there. It seems like she does not. Poor Geri. They do not look the best and I am sure that she would not want them leaked out like this. I do not envy you on days like today when you get this sort of job.