written by Wanda

Sofia Vergara And Her Gorgeous Ass In New York.

I’m not sure I’m mentioned my deep, unyielding love for Sofia Vergara lately. I have? Well good then. It should come as no surprise then that I adore these photos of Sofia. While I do prefer swimsuit photos of Sofia because they show off more of her gorgeous curves, I definitely appreciate the fact that Sofia is able to look just as sexy dressed in casual attire going about her normal daily routine. This woman is just so incredibly beautiful. She also happens to be witty, talented and always seems down to earth in interviews. I’m a little concerned about the drama going down with Sofia and her “Modern Family” cast members regarding contract talks. I have to imagine they’re making a fair bit of money but at the same time, the show is probably making the network a fair amount of money. I guess if I had to choose, I’d side with the cast. No matter what though, I hope it all gets worked out so we get more of one of the best shows on network television.


  • I love Sofia, one of the sexiest babes on TV easily, only reason I watch modern family, she is a goddess, what id give to tap that nice ass of hers.

  • she is so sexy